Is the current me writing this review or someone traveling in inversion? Who knows what is reality anyway….

Tenet Review ★★★★★


So the cinemas are back and the only film on currently, is that of Christopher Nolans new movie TENET. The one film that gave us all hope during lockdown. If this was the only film to come out all year you would not hear me complaining. The film is Nolan all over with his favourite thing in the world, time, being the main focal point of the film. It follows John David Washington and Robert Pattinson through an adventure involving mind bending and mind aching action.

The Film:

As stated this is a typical Nolan romp, being super confusing and too smart for anyone to follow until the last act, but that’s what I love, his films have always been fantastic at doing this, making the audience slowly but surely understand what’s going on without ramming to much dialogue down your throat. The direction of the movie is amazing, he truly is one of the greats. The way he shoots action is something I love, the impact of every explosion, the impact of every punch, the practical effects in this movie as we come expect are epic, you see the plane crash in the trailer but when you see this segment in the movie, it’s amazing. I don’t want to spoil anything like with any review I do, but the ending action sequence keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

Christopher Nolan

The cast:

The casting of this film is fantastic I can not find a weak part. Washington proves he is a chip of the old block by leading this film with great expertise ( much like his old man ) due to his character having to understand the complex science of the film almost in real time with us the audience. He has come along way from playing a support role in the TV series Ballers and his last big outing in Spike Lee’s The Blackklansmen. This film cements him as one of Hollywood’s new leading men. The other stand out is, of course, Mr ex Twlight himself, Robert Pattinson. To be fair to him he has done well to shake that stigmatisation, but to mainstream audiences that’s what he is mostly known for. However, that is about to change after next years The Batman and also this. He plays a great supporting role to Washington in this film and has great moments towards the end. Also, a honorable mention has to go that cracking beard from Aaron Taylor-Johnson…

Washington (Front) Pattinson (Rear)

The Visuals:

As already spoken about the overall action in this film is amazing and is helped by the incredible choreography involved in the fight scenes where the time elements come into play. You sit there in awe as to how on earth they made this look so natural. Once again going back to that last act of the film, it’s a great feat for cinema what they pulled off during this last segment. Like all Nolan films, the visual are always helped out by an epic score, and the music of this film is so loud mixed with sound of the action, it really propels you into the moment.

Still of the crashed plane from the trailer.

Would I recommend?

YES SO MUCH YES, if you could not already tell I loved this film. Okay I do fan boy over his films abit but still, you need to see this film and the best way to see it is 100000% on the biggest screen with the loudest sound.

I would give this 5 stars out 5, even a day after watching I can not find a fault with it.

Have you seen it? What did you think? Drop me a message on here or via email at or check me out on Instagram over at @aaronjwatches.


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