I don’t remember this on an a episode of Location, Location, Location.

VIVARIUM Review ★★★


I recently signed up to the horror streaming service SHUDDER. They have a great selection of new and old horror classics. Amongst this is some of there own films that are exclusive to them, one being VIVARIUM starring JESSE EISENBERG and IMOGEN POOTS.


The film centres around Tom and Gemma looking for a new home and they wonder into a estate agents advertising a new housing estate known as yonder. They are met with the super creepy Martin. He takes them to the houses shows them around and then just leaves them there. They try to leave but can not seem escape and receive a mysterious package containing food and a new born baby.


The film has some great little scares and most of them come from the creepy little boy in the film, who’s voice will drive you insane and stick with you long after the film, the most crazy and creepy elements of the film come along in the last 20 minutes of the film. I wont go into spoliers but there is a sequence which is both interesting and confusing at the same time.


Yes I would, its great at building the tension and just giving you enough information to keep you guessing as to what’s going on. I have a few issues with some of the pacing in the film as it does feel longer than a film that has a run time of just over 90 mins. And for me I would like more of a resolution to the film as it does feel like an extended black mirror episode. Other than this I would say if you like those story’s such in the vain of the tw

Have you seen it? What did you think?


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