This Marvel What If is most definitely not for children

The Devil all the Time Review ★★★★


The Devil all the Time is a new nextflix original based on the book of the same name. The film  follows a story based on a family told through 2 parts one of the father played by Bill Skarsgaurd and his son played by Tom Holland. The film has a great supporting cast in Robert Pattinson, Jason Clarke and Riley Keough. The films main theme is that of religion and revenge.


The film i really enjoyed, the director Antonio Campos does an amazing job at pacing in this film. The whole film like I said centres around the storys of the father and the son but also the supporting charcthers. As you guys know by now I never like to spoil films, but the director does a great job and interlinking all the characters and bringing it full circle on all of there story’s. There is a huge theme of religion throughout this film, really suggesting how much it can drive a person, how much weight it gives to people lives for good and for bad.


As already stated, the cast is great but for me the two stand outs are that of Bill Skarsgaurd and Tom Holland. Most of us by know are used to seeing Bill portaty Pennywise the clown in the horror franchise IT. However this was a great change of pace for him and he gives a heartfelt emotional performance in this film. Holland as everyone and there Nans knows is the MCU’S SPIDERMAN, so it was great to see him take a role like this, we have seen Holland grow up before our eyes and this was a real mature role for him to take. He plays this great and by the end you really start to see what we can expect from him as mature actor.


Yes 100% if you like a period drama, or if you like something that is well acted throughout, great performances from all the cast. Pattinson’s accent isn’t that bad once you get used to it. This is a very mature film and derseve the 18 rating, with its gore and theme of constent conflict with religion, and how much power it has over this family and the two leads in particular. I also thought it was great that author is the narrator throughout the film. Definitely give this a watch.


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