Never play hide and clap…..EVER


The Conjuring Review ★★★★★


Hey guys, I have decided to get into the spirit of the month and watch my top 5 favourite horror films and my top 5 family Halloween based films. I have decided to kick this off with fantastic The Conjuring. The film is directed by the modern day king of all things creepy James Wan, and stars Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga as the real life Ed and Lorraine Warren the film also stars Ron Livingstone, Lili Taylor and Joey King.


The movie follows a family moving into a new house, only to discover strange goings on and the presence of a demonic spirit dwelling inside the house. They then seek the help of the world famous demonolgist, Ed and Lorraine Warren to come and rid the house of tgus but nasty. This is also the Iron Man on the film franchise, setting up future films in the conjuring universe such as Annabelle and The Nun. This is also got to be one of the best cinematic universe that people over look.


The two stand outs in this film are hands down Wilson and Farmiga. They have such great chemistry on screen as the married couple you would think they are married in real life. They both command  a great presence when on screen in this film, and feel like they do the real couple they are playing, when ever they show up in the film you feel safe and at ease. I think if I had an issue with a ghost or something if the Warren’s showed up I will feel like everything is going to be okay.


James Wan coming off greats such as the Saw knows how to scare his audience. There are some great scares in this film, as the title suggest the game of hide and clap, seeing some hands pop out of nowhere will stay with you after the film. The idea of multiple ghost as well is a great idea and one of them hanging from a tree and also the ending is some great scary work.


I love the way this film looks, a real throw back to the early years of horror with modern themes thrown into the mix. This helps with overall pacing of the film as well the direction from Wan in this film is expect levels.


Yes, if you are looking for a great horror, with great story and scares then this should be on your HALLOWEEN watch list, all of the conjuring universe should be. But if you only watch one this should be this film.


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