You Won’t be afraid of this Ghost…


Casper Review ★★★★


So on the flipside Halloween isn’t just the best time to scare yourself silly, it’s also a great time for festive based films. So alongside my top 5 scary films to watch, here is the first of my top 5 family friendly Halloween films. First up is the 1995 classic Casper, I must of watched this film 100 times as a good putting in the VHS tape ( ask ya parents kids) and watching over and over. The film stars queen of the 90s kid role Christina Ricci, Bill Pullmam (The President who stopped them aliens) Cathy Moriaty, Eric Idle and Malachi Pearson.


The movie centres around Pullman and Ricci moving into a old mansion to rid it off ghosts, do that Moriaty and Idle can find some treasure buried in the house. They actually hire Dan Akkoroyds character from Ghostbusters first which I thought was a great cameo. I believe is this film came out now Casper would be as big as baby groot and baby Yoda he has that sort of charm. Some of the stand outs are Pullman who plays the dad roll great and does acting alongside nothing. The other stand outs are that of Caspers uncles, Fatso, Strech and Skinny who are great comic relief elements of the film. The film has a great heart and story to tell, as I said before Casper is a great character who has some adorable moments.

The film does have its elements of scares to make it a little jumpy coming from the uncles and towards the end of the movie but overall being set over Halloween makes this a perfect watch for the family.


For a film made in the 90s the visuals of the ghost do not loom to out of place in this film it’s not to distracting, and I bet at the time of release they would of been considered perfect. The laughs in this film come from the ghost and there are some great jokes. Some jokes from Idles character do full abit flat but does try to do his best with what he has.


The only really negative I have is with Moriaty and Idles Characters, they are just so over the top and really stand out for wrong reason to cartooning if you will.


Yes 100% this has to be one of my all time favourite family movies I could watch this on repeat over and over again.

One thought on “You Won’t be afraid of this Ghost…

  1. “The only really negative I have is with Moriaty and Idles Characters.”

    I completely agree with you. That Carrigan lady was too much. She and Dibs are just too dumb. Its not even funny cause my three kids watch this movie and never laugh at her.

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