Pretty sure this is just a Tim Burton fever dream….


Corpse Bride Review ★★★★


Next on my family friendly movies to watch of the Halloween period is that of Tim Burtons Corpse Bride. The film is straight out of that fantastic emo stop motion style which we have come to love from him as a director and producer that he has had a hand in. The film stars his usuall actors such as Johnny Depp, Helen Bonham Carter along with voices from Emily Watson , Richard E Grant and Christopher Lee.


The film centres around Victor who is voiced by Depp who is being forced to marry the young Victoria, after a dreadful rehearsal dinner he wonders off into the woods and accidentally asks Emily the corpse bride to marry him. One of the best things about this film is the cast of characters that meet in the underworld, great comical moments and amazing designs on them as well, especially the head waiter. The film then starts to share the dark story of Emily and the real reason behind the marriage.


I love the look of this film, Victor actually looks like Depp in and odd way, and the design of the bride is great especially the worm that lives behind her eye. As I stated in the title this does feel like a Burton fever dream, however it is also a 13 year old Aaron who was big into his emo music extravaganza, the whole loom of this film looks like one long video for a my chemical romance song. On the subject of music the soundtrack of this film is amazing the piano piece that plays throughout really does set the mood.


Yes very much so, if you are after something a little darker and some amazing stop motion work then this is the film for you, a perfect Halloween film with the feel of A Nightmare before Christmas. Have you already seen it do you like Burtons style? Let me know below.


One thought on “Pretty sure this is just a Tim Burton fever dream….

  1. I remember seeing this movie in the theaters and not really enjoying it. I think I was looking for a Nightmare Before Christmas kind of film that was very macabre and zany. I will have to give it another chance.


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