All work and no play makes a dam fine movie…


The Shining Review ★★★★★


Next up on my top 5 horrors to watch is a film that is in my top 5 all time favourite films, The Shining. Based of the Stephen King novel and directed by the film master that is Stanley Kubrick. This film even though being 40 years old still stands the test of time and delivers a amazing atmospheric horror that leaves you with many questions and unforgettable scenes. I was lucky enough to this on the big screen 2 years ago on Halloween night, and it was an amazing experience. The film stars Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd and Scatman Crothers.


The film is excellent, it sets the right atmosphere with the opening drive up to the overlook hotel, with sweeping shots of the country side and the loud orchestral music playing over the top. The whole story centres around the idea of madness, first off with Danny thinking hes mad with the voices in his head, until he meets Hallorann who explains he is special, and has an ability called the shine. And also the way in which we see Jack go from loving father to psychopathic killer, due to how the hotel effects him, I know the film is 40 years old but I never like to spoil films even if it is an older one. The hotel its self is a character within the film, we see it thriving and full of life with the skiers, but then when everyone leaves the ghosts of the hotel and it’s dark past come to life, almost parallel to what is happening to our characters. I don’t want to say to much if you haven’t seen this make it a watch over Halloween.


The visuals in the film focus on a more practical element, when it comes to scares and creepy scenes. Everyone knows that famous blood out of the elevator moment and the heres Johnny part of the film. But for me some the creepiest moments are those long wide shots showing how empty the hotel is, how vast each room is the subtle hits that not all is as it seems and how far Jack could go into madness. Watching this is 2020 you are constantly looking for hidden things in these wide open shots, thanks to shows like The Haunting of Hill House/ Bly Manor who have ghosts or things hidden in the shot, funny enough those shows were created by Mike Flanagan who has gone on to direct the sequel story to the Shining ( Doctor Sleep). Due to these sort of shows an audience now might find those sort of scenes more scary, I assume at the time however they still invoke a sense of unease in the viewer.


Well yeah….I could go on for hours about this getting into spoliers and theory’s but I would only bore you dear reader. I know King does not like this film as it does not stick directly to the book however I think this is a masterpiece that gets better with age.

Have you guys seen it, what did you think? Let me know.

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