Horror film? Or advert for not having….y’know…


It follows review ★★★★


So next on my list is a favourite of mine, one of the only horror films to legit scares me whilst watching and after watching. Watching so many films, and watching so many horrors definitely gives you a tolerance to what scares you, however this film did. I think because the premice of the film is so basic it’s all about the unseen that’s what scares us the most. That is why this film is real must over the Halloween period, the film stars a relatively unknown cast that includes Maika Monroe and  Keir Gilchrist and the film is Directed by David Robert Mitchell.


The film centre around Monroes character and her group of friends, unfortunately for Monroe she has a sexual encounter with a would be boyfriend, that passes on supernatural being that follows the last person to contact it until it kills you ( sti or what). The amazing thing about this film and what makes it so scary is it is constantly walking towards you and it can look like anyone. Some of things it looks like as well that tall man will haunt your dreams for sure.

Another amazing element of the film is hands down the score, the music is very much a ode to a John Carpenter’s film something like a Halloween for  example, the use of synths giving it a very much 80s throw back vibe. Mitchell does a great job at creating a scary new idea, and also paying homage to those golden age of horror slashers in the process a really fantastic job I can not wait to see what else he does.


As I already stated some of the people that appear to follow her are creepy as hell, but the best thing about it is you are constantly looking out at people in every scene. Looking and watching like ooooo what’s that and that is one of the most scary visuals I have seen in a horror ever. And a mention has to go to how gruesome some of the deaths are, in particular that opening scene one shows you the brutality of this being.


Yes I really would like I said this film scared me the first time and then rewatching this month it still had that ability. The moral of the film is do not ever have sex you will die. Easy right?

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