The Hanging of Witches, Zombies and talking cats…..its all here and it’s a Disney film


Hocus Pocus Review ★★★★


Next on my list for my family friendly Halloween films is that of the classic Disney movie Hocus Pocus. The film follows the return of feared Sanderson sisters of Salem who have come back to steal the youth from children. The film stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as the title witches. On a personal note when I was kid we would pop in the VHS of this on after we went trick or treating every year without fail.


The film starts off very dark considering it is a film intended for the family to watch, with a young girl dying being sucked of her life force and then the witches themselves being hung from a tree, I would however point out I only really took note of these parts as an adult not when I was a child. The film then jumps forward 300 years to 1993 ( that now feels like 300 years ago ) and a new family has moved to town and learn about the Sanderson sisters then light the black flame candle to bring the sisters back to life and wreak havoc on the small town.

The sisters themselves have amazing comic timing and are one of the best things about the movie, especially when they react to all the kids trick or treating alongside side this the stand outs are Binks the cat, voiced and played by everyones favourite NCIS character McGee. One of the other standouts of the film is that of Billy Butcherson a zombie character, but the the design and prosthetics of the character are fantastic, and of course its players by the only man in Hollywood who can wear such heavy makeup Mr Doug Jones. And of course it wouldn’t be a Disney film without a great musical number halfway through the film.


What makes Hocus Pocus great can be put down to the cast and director Kenny Ortega, as they capture that 90s feel perfectly in this film. From the cast to the cinematography of this film it really gives you a great feeling of the Halloween season.


Hell yes, I love this film it most definitely takes me back to a nostalgic place of my younger years, but also captures the right vibe in a non horror film to watch over Halloween. The only annoying part of this film is that of the boring dumb parents trope that we see in alot of family friendly films, in this they are extremely stupid.

Have you guys seen it, what did you think? Let me know.

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