How is this a kids film…? Also anyone else terrified of Steve Buscemi after watching this?


Monster House Review ★★★★


So next on my top 5 family friendly films to watch over Halloween is that of the creepy and weird CGI animated Monster House. The film centres around a creepy house and an old man that the local children are afraid of. Then on Halloween night something drastic happens which causes all manor of chaos happens. The film stars a very computer generated Steve Buscemi, Spencer Locke and Mitchel Musso.


For a kids film I think this film is utterly terrifying Haha. I remember the first time I saw it and thought how is this a kids film, it has such a creepy premise that the only way it gets away with being a kids film is due to the fact its animated. The film deals with haunted house that eats people, Steve Buscemi haunted my nightmares as a kid in this film, also the overall animation style of the film will creep you out as it is a weird blend of realistic looking and cartooning.

Without going into spoliers the film has some excellent scares for a younger and older audience. The way in which the secrets of the house are revealed as well lead to a great overall story which has alot more depth then expected. Dealing with themes of death, loss and possession for what is a children’s film does look at very dark ideas.

The chemistry between the main gang as well is great delivering great comic relief and punchy action the 3 younger cast members do really well to carry the film.


The art style of this film is amazing, I love all the character designs, from the older sister and her creepy looking boyfriend to the main gang the way everyone looks does make this film a very unique experience to watch. I love the design of the house as well the way everything works like a human body is very inventive. The visuals being helped by the motion capture technique for the animation works really well.


Yes I actually would say this might be my favourite on my whole list and does get over looked sometimes as films like coraline hog that scary kids film limelight, but I really would say is a enjoyable and scary film for the whole family to enjoy.

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