Walking slowly and Boiler Suits the movie.


Halloween Review ★★★★

“If ya ran like 10 mins you would survive surely”

So next up sports fans is the classic horror slasher film that inspires countless copy cats, sequels and horror franchises and directors and writers for years to come and that is the original 1978 Halloween, I don’t really need to tell you much as I am sure most of you reading this have seen the film or know what it’s about. The film stars Donald Pleasnce and Jamie Lee Curtis. And everyone knows the fact the mask is just a face mask of William Shatner.


The film is directed by the horror king John Carpenter and follows a night over Halloween where a killer has returned to his neighbourhood to kill again. The birth of a horror Icon in this film in Micheal Myers he escapes a mental institution where he has been for the last 15 years after murdering his sister on Halloween night as a child. He returns home and murders unwilling teens until he gets to his final girl in the form of laurie played by Curtis, who ends up being more than Micheal bargained for.


Watching this film in 2020 everything seems like a cliche but if you remove that point of view and place yourself in the mind of someone watching this in the cinema in 1978, this film is horrifying. The way Myers just walks slowly towards his victims hides in plain spite as well, the idea of the stalker slasher is such a scary thing to try and pull off, and his overall strength when he kills the victims. Because the design of Myers is so simple that’s what makes him so scary, like superhero it could be anyone under the mask and that’s what’s most scary…..and of course that infamous score that is created for the film as well sets the tension perfectly.


Yes this film sums up Halloween based horror films, the suspense, the characters, the music and the cinematography and use of the autumn season is perfect, and makes for perfect Halloween viewing even in 2020

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