Zombies, great animation and amazing through back vibes to the age of the drive in cinema….what’s not to love?


Paranorman Review ★★★★

“Stop motion masterclass”

So next up on my family friendly and the last one on that list is that of the excellent Paranorman. Made by the fantastic Laika studios who have that beautiful stop motion flare to there films, Paranorman is next film the company made after the frankly terrifying Coraline ( that didn’t make the list because it’s to scary ) the film centres around Norman a average kid yet he can see and also talk to the dead. The voice cast in this film is stacked, featuring voices from Kodi-Smit-McPhee, Anna Kendrick, Christopher Mintz- Plasse, Casey Affleck, Jeff Garlin, Leslie Mann and John Goodman. SEE STACKED


As stated the film follows young Norman as he struggles with young life, bullies and his family…..and the whole town for thinking he is weird and for him to come to terms with the fact he can see and speak to the dead. The film goes from there with a great cast of characters including Mitch played by Casey Affleck and his brother and Norman’s best friend Neil who are 100% the stand outs next to norman in this film. The film then takes a dark turn when the undead come back to life and it’s up to Norman to read the story to the witch he has cursed the town.


I love how this film looks, Laika have such a great visual style in there films it really does encompass the fantastical worlds they create. The character designs are amazing and also the designs of the zombies show of there individual personalities so good. As I say in the titles it definitely has a throw back vibe it feels like a horror film made is the 50/60s that you would go watch at a drive in cinema, I loved that element of the film as I think that period of human history conjures up such romanticism with film, the opening on this film sums up that vibe perfectly.


Yes so much, I feel this film gets overlooked as everyone goes for coraline. This film might not be as Nightmare inducing but it does have alot of heart, and also captures a great story in a Halloween setting.

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