Is this a hidden film about making people turn vegetarian or just a great vampire romp…


Daybreakers Review ★★★★

“Vampires ruling over humans what more could you want”

Hey there sports fans, new month new set of reviews. I’m kicking things off by going back through some films I have on blu ray, as I am in the UK we are back in lockdown so now more than ever is great time to kick back with some of my collection.

First up as you can see from the title is the excellent vampire film that flips everything on its head Daybreakers. The film follows the idea that finally the Vampires if old have won and everyone has become a vampire and they are now the dominant race, the humans are given a chance to turn but if they chose otherwise they are now hunted and farmed for there blood…..gross. The film stars Ethan Hawke, Sam Neil and Willem Dafoe.


The film is great definitely a genre blending affair, with excellent horror in the form of the sub species that are deprived of blood, to great action and sci fi elements as well. The film centres around Hawkes character producing a blood synthetic due to the fact the human an race is dying off, and due to the shortage of blood the vampires are turning into some sort nightmare creatures, lucky for old Hawke he runs into a group of human led by Willem Dafoe, who we find out was himself once a blood sucker but then through a series of events get changed back to human. The film takes off from there with cure being that of changing the vamps back to humans. This what I mean in terms of that hidden vegetarian message the way we farm and cattle animals is mirrored in how the vampires treat the humans.


I love the way this film looks the city design has a blade runner esc feeling to it, this film is very gory as you can imagine from a vampire film there is alot of blood used in this film like alot. The way the vampires look as well is great with the pale skin and light eyes, and of course the creatures design on the sub species as well is amazing. Without going into spoliers the end of this film is great with so much gory and some excellent slow motion shots it really is a treat for the eyes.


Yes I really would i feel not enough people have seen this film great easy watch with a classic one liner from Dafoe “living in a world where vampires are the dominant species is about as safe as bare backing a 5 dollar whore. If that’s not enough to get you to watch I don’t know what is.

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