Now this is Pod racing…



“The Political one”

So I have set myself the task to rewatch the star wars films in chronological order, due to the UK currently being in lockdown I thought there was no better time to do this.

First up with the decisive Episode 1, this came out in 1999 so I was 5/6 at the time which does make a child of the prequels. I did however grow up with cool parents that had shown me the original trilogy already so I was already super invested at a young age. The first film in the prequel trilogy introduced us to what would become some great characters and gave us another awesome score from John Williams. The film stars Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Samuel L Jackson, Natalie Portman and Jake Lloyd.


When I saw this film as a kid I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. I am going to start off talking about the positives….then go into…those y’know negatives. Firstly the lightsaber battles in this film you want to never end and this is a running element through the prequels as a whole, but from Qui Gons fight with Maul on Tatooine to the final showdown these battles are great. One of the most redeeming aspects of the film are that of the characters that we are introduced to, Qui Gon Jinn is the one I would always pretend to be as a kid, strong cool and not necessarily the most clean cut jedi of the franchise, the into to young Obi wan as well set the ground work to McGregor being a massive fan favourite of the franchise, but you can’t talk about characters without mentioning one of the best and biggest wasted characters ( until the clone wars series ) Darth Maul, the son of dathomir himself. Mysterious and sick with his double ended blade one the coolest villans to appear in cinema.

Some of the action is great I love the pod racing part of the film it really feels like you are there with young Anakin, but the next big positive for me was the score, the use of the old score and with new music really sets the tone in this film especially one of the greatest star wars songs and cinema peices of music in Duel of the Fates.

The negatives for me are that of those horrendous massive green screen sets why just why, another and I already know this will be a negative thought the whole trilogy is the dialogue sometimes throughout you are sat in disbelief that some of this made it into the final product. The casting of young Skywalker as well I understand Jake Lloyd was hot property at this time I just think he was to young so the padme and anakin romance seems creepy more than anything and why so much politics…..and of course Jar Jar Binks, now I think hes gotten enough stick and has been redeemed in other media but you can see who they aimed this character at….my girlfriend ellie has bee saying ” who sir are you sir ” and ” oki dai” since we watched it.


Even though I have said I hate those green screens, i do love the space battles, the pod racing and of course the lightsaber fights are a huge treat for the eyes. The design in the different races and the jedi overall are great and have inspired a generation of cosplayers.


Yes I love star wars, the mythology and the lore I think if you haven’t got around to watching them do it and do watch them all as they do build to a greater story.

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