Yeah I hate sand as well my dude



“The one with the sand “

Next up on the Star Wars rewatch is that of the terriblely titled Attack of the Clones….I mean spolier warning but they don’t attack until the next one…anyway this was the second in the prequel based films are we see everyone back from the first one , the film stars Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman and introduced Hayden Christensen as the older future dark lord Anakin Skywalker.


The film kicks off a few years after the last film, Obi and Anakin have had a few years together now and becoming the strong partnership we come to love. Young Skywalker is now not so young and already starting to question the jedi at any given moment. Brought back into the fold to help protect Padme they uncover a bigger plot years in its creation of a clone army and impending loom of the verge of war across the galaxy.

I think this film is actually better with time because let’s face it if we didn’t have this we wouldn’t have 7 great seasons of the clone wars to watch. What this one does well is expand that world of star wars. The serects and deception behind the scenes is greater and introduced some great characters and built upon some more. One of the greats that is introduced is that of Jango and Proxy that of Boba Fett, Jango played by everyones favourite Temuera Morrison and being the base of the clone troopers he gives a great if not brief performance of the fearsome bounty hunter, if you know me you know how much I love Obi Wan and he really is the stand out in these films and more so in this one, witty lines and epic lightsaber battles, and let’s not forget that majestic hair and beard. This film like I said does great at world building, the lower levels of coruscant and the jedi as well showing us more of Mace Windu and glimpses of one of my favourites from the clone wars show Kit Fitso. It does well at setting up story threads that would pay off in the next and original trilogy as well.


The big negatives of this one is something I mentioned in the first one….the dialogue especially that which comes from Padme and Anakin….y’know that sand line..other than that the overall film is more enjoyable for sure.


The visuals in this are great I love how much of the jedi we get to see and the big epic end war scenes we get are great. The design of the planets and new species we come across are beautiful as well. But of course one of the best visuals is seeing all those clone troopers that we get to see.


100% I love star wars and this is the start of something much bigger to come to the franchise as a whole so yes do it…

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