The High Ground King



“Hello there……”

So next up is the best of the prequels “revenge of the sith” the film wraps up the prequel story arc of Anakins eventual turn to the dark side of the force. This is the film that definitely saves this trilogy it’s almost the one everyone can remember and quote. The film then leads towards the original trilogy and gives a sense of nostalgia, the film once again follows our main characters, played by Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen and Samuel L Jackson.


This is such an epic end to a story but also a great start to the over arching story that will continue into the years to come. Some of the best bits of this film are that of the action set species, it opens with an amazing action sequence where we see anakin and obi fighting in space battle above courscant in the hight of the clone wars on a mission to save the chancellor. Some of the best moments in this film come towards the end of the film. I mean that fight between Mace and The Emperor and then this being the turning point that we see young Skywalker take the steps away from the jedi and become the Sith lord of Darth Vader. Of course the best part of this film is the end the emotion from obi when he and anakin have to do battle on mustafar, is some of the best part across the whole of the star wars franchise. Overall this has to be my second favourite in whole saga of films.


I’m gonna say it and you know it is…..THE DIALOGUE. By now if you have seen the film, the lines “you have done that yourself” and “killing younglings” luckily this is the last time star wars negatives with dialogue comes up…..


I love how this film looks the battle in space is lovely shot so well and really puts you in the action, and the design of mustafar is so epic and that battle towards the end of the film is one of the best lightsaber battles in all of star wars.


Yes like I said second best star wars film, this is such a great film and ties up story arcs and sets up great threads that wont pay off for years to come. WATCH THIS.

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